Institutional clearing

and settlement of

digital assets.


Institutional clearing and settlement of digital assets

Digiclear provides real-time off chain settlement of digital assets with simultaneous delivery versus payment (DVP) netting. Thereby ensuring transactions can be settled without the requirement to use the blockchain unless required.



Client Digital Assets & Fiat funds are dematerialized and held in segregated client accounts or in trust with regulated banks.


Dematerialized assets held in cold store or bank accounts can be transferred between clients and settled simultaneously without the requirement to move the underlying assets.


Regulated financial institutions can benefit from true interoperability between institutions allowing investors to rely on the same financial institutions for the custody of digital assets alongside other capital market accounts

On-chain movement of assets

Digiclear partners with On Chain partners of the clients choice to move assets in and out of Digiclear. Asset movement is fully automated and no keys are exposed to human engagement.

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